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   Tiny Colossus

Pubblicato da Pasquale Sada il 2013-02-23 10:24:56
Categoria: team
Tags: tiny colossus, UFHO2


Molded at the beginning of 2010, Tiny Colossus is a small game team devoted to creating fun games. We like story-driven games, simulative games, games that provoke deep emotions, we can even withstand serious games... but we love, we love fun games.

Even if we like to see games that are a vehicle of culture, games as a new media of expression or extremely experimental games, we strongly believe in games as the ultimate interactive entertainment, and our creations are always born from gameplay.

We also think that great games can be small too: a very good game doesn't necessarily need a million dollars to be developed, and that's why we called ourselves the Tiny Colossus. Well, we also liked the name.

Tiny Colossus was founded by Ciro Continisio, who wears the hats of designer, graphic artist and programmer.

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Roma, Italy

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