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   Galaxy Wars - Ice Empire

Pubblicato da Daniele Bianchini il 2015-04-30 10:05:59
Categoria: gioco
Tags: strategy, space, RTS, ships

Galaxy Wars


Galaxy Wars – Ice Empire is an amazing strategic game of space combat.

Command your ships with a simple touch, destroy enemies and conquer all the planets!

5 teams of different colors and different temperament.

Choose your team.

You’ll be Blue for a balance between speed and strength or Red for maximum firepower?


Galaxy Wars – Ice Empire is an exciting mix of strategy and speed, storm the enemy planets and make your way in the galaxy.

Increase your fleet to every planet conquered and use the stored energy to improve the firepower, strength and speed of your ships.


5 difficulty levels
4 galaxy sizes
5 different teams to choose from


One goal: the total domination!


Galaxy Wars is a real-time strategy game… extremely addicting!
Have Fun!


Galaxy Wars for iOS


Galaxy Wars for Android


GlaxyWars for Mac


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