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    Astro Slayers
Pubblicato da Andrea Fraboni




C4DGames è lieta di presentare il suo secondo lavoro nel mondo dell'Apple Store con un gioco per iPhone e iPad.



Una rivisitazione moderna del gioco memorabile ASTEROIDS da cui abbiamo preso ispirazione ..... rivisto nelle dinamiche e nella grafica presentiamo :




Year 2050, the galaxy is rocked by a sudden meteor shower that destroys everything in its path and seems unstoppable. Earth scientists forecast the imminent arrival of this scatter of rocks in orbit. Fearing that the energy shields erected around the planet are insufficient, the World Union of States decides to launch the "Astro Slayers" program! The head of the project is Dr. Azama, discoverer of the Astroparticle, a form of spatial energy that enables human beings to gain incredible abilities. 

Dr. Azama builds the Astrobase and three Slayer Machine: Freccia, Queen-Star and Turtle, powerful spacecraft able to destroy the meteorites. The search for pilots ranges around the globe and only three subjects are eligible to fly the three spacecraft armed with the Astroparticle fueled engines and weapons.

-JOIN THE ASTROSLAYER! Khan, Luna and Ron are the pilots of the Slayer Machine! Help them in their difficult mission to save planet Earth and possibly the entire galaxy! 


-UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE SLAYER MACHINE! Collect the Astroparticles by shattering the rocks and enable the mergers of the three spacecraft, exponentially increasing their strength and capability! 


-ACTION FRENZIED PLAY! Avoid, shoot, smash and destroy the meteorites (that obey the law of Physic), using the gyroscope of your device to drive the Slayer Machines! 


-UPGRADE YOUR SHIP! Collect credits, bonuses and energy during the game (or buy them in the store) and use them to enhance your rides up to the best of their capabilities! 

Become invincible and release the final power of the ASTRO Phoenix! 


-Play and immerse yourself in the experience, with a 2D graphic Anime style, and contributions animated directly from within the game for a modern tribute to the unforgettable Asteroids! Lead Khan, Ron and Luna through over 30 levels in 5 different space locations, by way of mini-games and the defeat of strange foe to the end of the mission, to find out that the meteorites, perhaps, aren`t just what they seem!!

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